Privacy Policy

Last Revised: March 11, 2017

1. General Privacy Statement

This Privacy Policy outlines the types of personal data Emil Thies (Hufstr. 48, 47166 Duisburg) may collect through your use of SprachBox Skill (the "App"); how I may collect, use, or share personal data related to your use of the Service; steps he takes to protect this data; and choices you are provided with respect to the use of your personal data. By using the Service, you agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy which supplements the applicable terms and conditions.

This Privacy Policy does not apply to any third party programmes with which you may choose to share information through this Service. Emil Thies is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of these third party programmes.

2. Information Collected Through Your Use of the Service

The App allows you to query a 3rd Party Service of Deutsche Telekom for your data generated by and collected through the SprachBox network service of your Deutsche Telekom for your landline phone access.

By accepting this privacy policy, you accept that your Sprachbox data may be accessible through this Device to people with physical access to the Device.

You can remove the Sprachbox at any time by disabling the Service in your Device's app.

Sprachbox Login

You must link your Sprachbox account of Deutsche Telekom to this App in order to query for your Sprachbox data. To enable the Sprachbox Service, you must have a Deutsche Telekom IP Phone Access with a special login called "email passwort". Further information about this is available at .

The login is stored on a database server for this App. The server is located in Germany and hosted by Strato. Each login is encrypted by an own random key generated on the webserver (also hosted by Strato) where the App is running. This key is transferred to the Amazon Voice Service and only stored there. Only when your Device activates the Skill, the Amazon Voice Service invokes the App and sends the key. The App decryptes the login just inside this session and uses the login to query Deutsche Telekom in behalf of you. The answer gets restructured by the app to answer the Amazon Voice Service Request, so that the Device can generate the Output for you.

Therefore Amazon has never direct access to your SprachBox at Deutsche Telekom. The logins in my database can't be used without the individual key at the Amazon Server. And the App logic on my webserver is nessesary to find the dataset in the database for a specific key and decript it correctly. So there three distributed items, which only interact within a request of yourself.

Usage Analytics

The App runs on a Webserver in Germany hosted by Strato. This server also collects analytics on how the App is used. No personal data is sent. An IP address is used to transmit the data but this is just from Amazon Server. We analyze this information to better understand how the features are being used and which features are most popular. This allows us to evaluate how to improve the Service.

How to Disconnect or Disable the Service

To disconnect the App from your third party Device use the Device app.

3. Interface to your Deutsche Telekom account

In order to provide you the functions of the App, the App uses the information about your Sprachbox which is accessed by an IMAP (email) interface at Deutsche Telekom.

4. Disclosures of Information Collected Through Your Use of the Service

In order to provide you all the services of the Service, we may share information associated with your use of the App with Deutsche Telekom (provider of Sprachbox Network Serivce), Strato (your App hosting company) and Amazon (provider of the Amazon Voice Services).

5. Security of Your Personal Information

I take reasonable physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards to protect information I access or receive through the App from loss, misuse, and unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, or destruction. These safeguards include the use of SSL encryption when transferring data between the different servers. Your data is stored encrypted as described above and using Strato hosting Services, located in Germany.

6. Opting-out and Clearing Your Data

In order to opt-out of all information access by this device you may disconnect the App from your Device using the standard uninstall process that is part of your Device.

As noted above, the Service collects and sends to us information on use of the Service (see "Usage Analytics," above). You are not able to opt-out of the sharing of this anonymous information.

7. Updates to this Privacy Policy

From time to time, I may revise this Privacy Policy. I will notify you of changes by publishing the amended Privacy Policy on this. Continued use of the Service after notification of any change in our Privacy Policy indicates your consent to the amended Privacy Policy. The date on which this policy was last revised is located at the top of this policy.

8. Contact Me

You can contact me in relation to this privacy policy by contacting us by email at or write: Emil Thies, Hufstr. 48, 47166 Duisburg, Germany. In all communications to me, please indicate that you are writing concerning the Sprachbox Alexa application. I will do my best to respond to all inquiries in a timely manner.